Marijuana Legalization in Michigan

The tax revenue generated from the legalization of recreational marijuana could literally pave the way. Legalize it, tax it and fix our roads! Colorado is a perfect example of the amount of money this cash crop can generate. The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee already has plans to hopefully include a legalization proposal on the statewide ballot in 2016!

Imagine the possibilities...

  • Fix Michigan roads, no more potholes
  • Jumpstart the rejuvenation of Detroit a.k.a. Motor City
  • Funding for all of our schools
  • An estimated 25,000+ new job openings
  • $50-100+ Million added to Michigan's Economy
  • Creation of a new industry: Industrial Hemp Farming
  • Allow Law Enforcement to focus on real crimes

We have the opportunity to learn from any mistakes made by Colorado & Washington as they have already passed laws legalizing recreational marijuana. With this knowledge we're able to capitalize and improve upon the system. The recreational marijuana business could be more lucrative here!

Fight against a proposed tax hike by signing the appropriate petitions and approving the legalization movement!

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